About us

9 Degrees West is a marketing consultancy, founded by Ben Thompson and focussed on marketing strategies for growth. Ben is the principal consultant and client-partner. He is supported by a trusted team of freelancers.

9 Degrees West have a consistent process to help clients develop marketing strategies for growth. We get to the “why”, then build compelling marketing propositions.

Because Ben is a natural storyteller, he has developed a reputation for creating engaging brand stories that connect with people on an emotional level.

Give Ben a call and he’ll tell you his story…

Marketing strategies for growth

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What we do

marketing strategies for growth

Ben trained in strategy with Byron Sharp of Ehrenbrug Bass and Professor Don Sull at London Business School, so marketing strategy is in his DNA.

9 Degrees West help clients step back and take a fresh look at their market, competitors and product so that we can develop marketing strategies for growth.

Our process also helps you build a strong brand identity –  your values, personality, tone of voice and key messages. This way we can build a strategy that is right for your audience.

building purposeful brands

The days of thinking “the planet will look after itself” are clearly long gone. We can’t shake our heads and shrug our shoulders any more, each of us has to take action, or we’re all in a big mess.

At 9 Degrees West we believe brands should be filled with ambition and purpose to change the world for the better. We are deeply inspired by what Patagonia, Veja and Tom’s are doing to change the clothing industry for the better. And we’re incredibly proud of our involvement with WokenUp, the platform to connect the global efforts on the UN SDGs.

Our role in this is helping companies connect their sustainability agenda with their marketing and communications plan.

digital transformation

Most of our clients can’t deliver any of the great brand strategy we help them develop without a strong digital plan.

And if you’re like many of our clients, you want to use your data to improve the guest experience they’re providing. You want seamless, personalised and connected guest journeys that are intuitive, enjoyable and profitable. Right?

We work with in-house I.T or external consultants to put the guest at the centre of every decision. Then we design a robust and secure digital architecture to give your guests the world-class service they want.

creative services

Handling multiple agencies and finding the right balance between cost and quality is a time-consuming process.

At 9 Degrees West we have a roster of trusted freelancers for every project, so your project is resourced with exactly what it needs, and nothing it doesn’t. By the way – we do this at a fraction of the cost of what Ben used to in in corporate-land!

We manage all the deliverables for you –  so you can concentrate on implementing the marketing strategies for growth we’ll help you develop.

“I have always loved the ocean. As a child I sailed with my father to the Fastnet Rock, at Latitude 9 Degrees West off the Irish coast. I was inspired by his story of the Fastnet Race; ‘the ultimate test of courage, endurance and navigation’.”

Ben Thompson
Founder and CEO of 9 Degrees West

Why 9 degrees west?

Why “9 Degrees West”?

At latitude 9 Degrees West off Ireland’s south-west coast stands the Fastnet Rock, home to the famous Fastnet Lighthouse. The Rock is the midpoint of one of the world’s classic offshore yacht races, the Fastnet Race; a 700-mile trip from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, round the rock and back to Plymouth. The race is known as the “ultimate test of courage, navigation and speed“.

This is the spirit of adventure that inspired Ben to set out on his own with 9 Degrees West and to seek out opportunities to help clients through unfamiliar and dynamic waters towards successful outcomes.

What do our clients say about us?

9 Degrees West was founded in 2018 and since then we have had the privilege of working with over a dozen exciting companies looking to open up new growth routes. We’re proud to be recommended by a 10-year CEO of Dyson, and by CEOs of fast-growing brands like Cataratas in Brazil and WokenUp in London.

About the founder

Who is Ben Thompson?

Ben spent nearly 20 years working for major global companies with the last 10 in senior marketing, strategy or commercial roles. He is married to Carys with 3 beautiful daughters, Rosie, Alice and Martha.

11 years at Mars Incorporated gave Ben a strong foundation in marketing and sales. 5 years at Walt Disney taught Ben about the power of storytelling and content. 3 years travelling the world with Merlin Entertainments gave Ben powerful insights into developing and launching new brands.

The Team

Shahar Burg is a second-time entrepreneur, highly experienced in building successful digital products.

Her first start-up was Quando, the first beauty and fitness app in Tel Aviv. Quando was acqui-hired by Wix.com where Shahar became Head of Product, and built the Wix mobile app from scratch to 3m users.

Shahar supports 9 Degrees West with any projects requiring mobile apps and digital product development such as cashless payment systems and virtual queuing technology.

Vanessa Favre is a freelance art director. She graduated with a Masters degree from the Condé fine arts school in Paris, having studied graphic design, publishing, advertising, communications and art history.

Luxury brands such as LVMH, Givenchy and Sephora have all trusted her as art director on various projects. She has also worked with various tech and manufacturing firms on print, publishing and trade shows.

Vanessa has exceptional experience and ability as a designer and art director. We have worked with her extensively on the 9 Degrees West brand, and we have 100% confidence in her!


9 Degrees West is recruiting!

We’re looking for a researcher to support our work in South America, Holland and the UK. If you are successful you will receive a first-class training! We’re also looking for interns for spring/summer 2020.

Get in touch: info@9degreeswest.london