Pipo is the first-ever platform where individuals can go public just like companies do and attract investors for any reason they want, like going for the career they’ve always wanted, starting a business, getting a college degree, and many more.

Ben helped the founder clarify the brand proposition, create the marketing strategy, prepare investment presentations and introduce to private investors and VCs in the city of London, leading to securing angel investment and a successful launch of the world’s first crowdfunded individual!

“Ben is a true professional and an incredible asset to any startup or established company. He can wear multiple hats, fill various roles and be exceptional at each of them. With a skill set that runs wide and deep, Ben has a rare combination of Marketing expertise, leadership skills, and business understanding that enables him to analyze any complex challenge and build out the strategy to solve it. Ben is all of smart, hands-on, responsible and willing to take on a wide swath of tasks needing attention.”

Shahar Burg,
CEO Pipo

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