Since we incorporated in February 2018, 9 Degrees West have been steadily gaining a reputation for Building Purposeful Brands. Because of this that we’re very proud to have Grupo Cataratas as a major client.

Who are the Cataratas Group?

Grupo Cataratas are the largest park operator in South America, with six incredible locations including the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, the Rio Aquarium and the Iguaçu Falls, “the greatest waterfall in the world” according to travel experts Touropia.

What is a Purposeful Brand?

These days every brand owner knows that developing and communicating a strong environmental, or ESG message is critical for long-term health. In order to keep up with this companies treat this as window-dressing, or worse, “green-washing”. The Cataratas Group are different, the only reason they exist is to leave a positive legacy in the environment and communities in which they operate. They have a huge financial commitment to conservation, species regeneration and scientific research.  It’s because of this that we feel justified in calling them a Purposeful Brand.

We are helping Grupo Cataratas with a major growth acceleration program. This includes digital transformation to create a true omnichannel business, guest experience improvement across the estate, and brand expansion of their Aquarium and Zoo brands throughout Brazil and South America.

What difference have we made?

As a result of our initial phase of support, visitation is growing! The Iguaçu park recently recorded its first ever year of 2 million visitors, and this growth shows no signs of slowing!

In addition to this, we recently helped the team to re-conceive, build and re-launch the Rio Zoo as “Rio Bio-Park”, the first park of its kind in Brazil. Following our support, BioParque do Rio will be a national centre for species regeneration, research and environmental science.

“9 Degrees West have already made a substantial contribution to our business, helping us to create a clear vision for growth in 2020 and beyond, and playing a leading role in our digital transformation project.

Because of Ben’s background and passion for making a difference in our world, 9 Degrees West are really exceptional at Building Purposeful Brands…in addition to this, Ben is incredibly knowledgeable about our industry and has been able to understand our market and our requirements rapidly. We love working with Ben!”

Bruno Marques,
CEO, Grupo Cataratas

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